Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss MyMy And Swarovski Crystals

Iintroducing Hair Jewelry From Miss MyMy:

Miss MyMy has created a new line of hair jewelry using it's organic hair and genuine certified Swarovski crystals.

We could have used inferior quality crystals and cheap "100 % human hair" but our clients expect the best at ALL times so we paired our hair with the best crystals on the market... genuine Swarovski.... to create our hair jewelry.

Not sure what the difference is between Swarovski and any other crystal? Well what is the difference between a cubic zurconia and a real diamond.

You can be as subtle or as extravagant as you like. The more strands you put into your hair the more crystals you will have to catch the light.

Each strand is applied with a micro link, is completely reusable and will not cause damage to your natural hair or extension/wig hair. Each strand will last through washing combing and styling and sparkle like diamonds in  the sun.

100% of the proceeds of Miss MyMy Pink Swarovski Hair Jewelry made with pink hair will go to the cancer society.

                                                         Pink crystals with tight curl hair

Available with straight, wavy and curly hair, with  a variety of colored crystals to match everyones fashion sense.

                                              Straight European Hair and champagne crystals

                                                      Red straight hair with green crystals

                                        Straight hair colored to a vibrant purple and black crystals

Pink crystals Fijian tight curl

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