Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Asian Hair Gets a Bad Rep...

Asia is the worlds largest and most populous continent, having a population of almost 4 billion people. To put this number into perspective the population of the USA is just over 300 million.
Contrary to what most people think Asia is not simply China. Asia is made up of a number of regions and people, China simply being one of them.

Everything shown in green is considered Asia; please note Russia is also considered part of Asia.

The misconception out there is that Asian hair is the worst hair on the market, have you heard or read the following anywhere?
-Asian hair is stick straight
-Asian hair is always very coarse
-Asian hair is very dark (black in color)
-Asian hair will only look good if worn by an Asian person
-Asian hair will not last
As with any product there is good and bad and Asian hair is no different… so yes over processed Asian hair is bad but so is over processed European hair and we won’t mention Indian since we have established that India is also considered part of Asia.

There is a wide variety of Asian hair on the market with origins from Malaysia to Mongolia and Russia. Some Asian hair is very straight others are very wavy; some can be very fine while others can be coarse, some is very dark and yet others are light in color, it all depends on where it came from. Because of its population and diversity Asia is an excellent source of human hair so when trying to decide what type of hair to purchase make sure you understand what you want and why you want it.

I can wear any hair I want but I like to wear my hair straight with some body so I choose to wear virgin Asian hair from Malaysia, the color is dark brown and the texture is slightly coarse which looks like perm straight without having any chemicals. The hair has good weight so it tends to sit where I put it. It does not accumulate a static charge and holds a curl very well this equals great value for your money.

Good Hair is Worth its Weight in Gold...

Good human hair is becoming rarer and rarer. Most human hair on the market originates from China and India. These contries have not only the population to accomadate supply and demand but they also grow their hair to long lengths, this enables hair companies to source from these countries while keeping costs down.

Recently the Industrialization of these countries has caused a reduction in the amount of hair available on the market... causing the price to rise. In addition to this the labour cost in these countries is also rising, compounded with the high cost of fuel and lower USD against the Chinese dollar (RMB) equals higher pricing.

The retail customer may not immediately make the correlation between the above factors and how they affect the cost, especially in a natural product such as hair.

When customers perceive a high cost for long lengths of hair we explain that our raw hair is not mechanically produced... Think of how long it takes you to grow 1 inch of hair, then consider how long it took someone to grow 22,24,26 inches of hair. Much of the time this puts things into perspective.

We warn customers about purchasing hair based on price alone and encourage them to research its purity is they encounter a price that appears to good to be true... it usually is.

Miss MyMy Inc will only use the finest human hair available, combined with the finest skilled workmanship available to process the hair. Quality control, customer service and the best materials are the three things that contribute to our success.

To date Miss MyMy Inc has not introduced an increase in the cost of its products to its customers in response to the changing market.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lace Front Wigs - Coloring

Many clients purchase our virgin hair and would like to personalize the color to their specific needs... we think this is a great idea!!

Miss MyMy Virgin hair has not been chemically processed in any way other than cleaning and sterilization so it is the ideal hair for doing whatever you want. But before moving forward with processing lace wigs, you should know a little about hair and color.

We recommend that you take the unit to a stylist who specializes in color but if you don't want to do that and feel like you can do it yourself please read the following before starting. We do not make any guarantees and do not accept any responsibility for your results. This article is purely for your information.

For anyone to be successful in altering hair color of their lace wig, it is essential that the base color and pigmentation be understood. It is also important to understand all the factors related to the hair of your lace wig that can affect the outcome of your color.

The cortex of the hair contains the melanin of the hair. The higher the concentration of melanin in the hair, the darker the hair will be. There are two types of melanin Eumelanin which is found in black and brunette hair and Phaeomelanin found in blonde and red hair. A mixture of the two different types of melanin can be found at the same time in many people.

The cortex determine the thickness, elasticity and strength of the hair as well as being responsible for housing the hairs natural color pigments.

To speak with a Miss MyMy customer representative about coloring lace wigs,
please call 1-866-886-8927.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

High Quality Lace Wigs and Extensions

Many people ask us about the quality of our lace wigs and hair extensions. To that we answer, its Guaranteed.

Miss MyMy guarantees all 100% human extensions for weaving not to exhibit unusual tangling, matting or shedding for the first month; if applied by a certified Miss MyMy extensionist and the hair care instructions are followed.

The hair on all Miss MyMy wigs is also guaranteed to be of the highest quality. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the hair on any of our units you have 5 days from the date you receive the product to request a replacement and send out the unit to be replaced with another unit of the same color, length, color and curl. This guarantee states that the quality of whatever hair it is you choose will be of the highest quality available on the market. "WE GUARANTEE IT".

To speak with a Miss MyMy customer representative about our guarantee,
please call 1-866-886-8927.