Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Miss MyMy Hair Extensions

City Line Toronto and Miss MyMy

Tracy Moore, host of Toronto's CityLine, has a great new look courtesy of Miss MyMy and Rose Hibbert Creations. This season Tracy is wearing Miss MyMy organic straight hair and it looks fabulous.

Info on the show.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Miss MyMy and Flare.com

Miss MyMy in Flare Magazine

Miss MyMy and Lipstick, Powder and Paint

Reveal gorgeous skin in one application. The natural fruit acids remove dead skin cells in a non-irritating and safe manner. Get glowing!
See it here.

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Miss MyMy Exfoliating Liquid in Zoomer Magazine

My Exfoliating liquid was recently featured in Zoomer Magazine as a great new skin care product. The beauty editors exact words were "this stuff is unbelievable". We were in very good company with Chanel, ROC, L'Oreal being some of the other features.
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