Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm curly again!

Big hair yesterday, smooth and curly again today. Hmmm I just cannot decide which one I like better. But I love that these tight Fijian curls can go from 0-60 overnight!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I straightened out my tight fijian curls

So you guys know I like to change it up, and some tight curls will not stop me.LOL! So I combed out every last curl, a few pumps of Miss MyMy hair serum and presto I got my natural looking BIG hair. I think I just got 2 inches taller, LOL!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taming of the Tight Curl

A quick trick to get your tight Fijian curls under control? Texturize it. This hair was pretty wild and so tiring to manage but look how smooth the curls are after I texturized it.

Miss MyMy stars in Twilight!

Miss MyMy goes vamp! Yup, that is right you can see Miss MyMy hair on Kirsten Stewart in the latest Twilight movie New Moon. She is lookin fab!

Miss MyMy at the National Womens Show

Miss MyMy had a wonderful debut at our first National Womens Show in October. Ladies could not get enough of the soft touch of our virgin organic hair. They tried on wigs and all kinds of different extensions! We even did mini-makeovers and the My Line beauty products were flying off the shelves too. The men loved our skin exfoliating liquid but the favourite of the day was our hair serum. And the feedback has been amazing:

I have never been able to find something that gives my hair that shine and
still keeps my volume.
The serum is amazing, there is nothing like it!
It makes my hair so silky smooth, lasts all day.

Will keep you posted on our next trade show appearance.