Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Hair!

It's been super-crazy-busy at Miss MyMy's the last couple weeks.  If you've been trying to get an appointment, you know exactly what I mean.  We've recently wrapped up our Holiday Promotion 2010.  I hope all of you managed to take advantage.  You know it doesn't happen often!  If you want to make sure to be notified of our next promotion, be sure to have your email address added to your file.  Miss MyMy doesn't do spam emails.  You know we don't have the time for that. LOL  And we don't give out your email address.  Your privacy is very important to us.  The BEST way to make sure you don't miss out, is to add that email!  You should also be sure to add us as a Facebook friend (I advertised our Black Friday sale on Facebook and Twitter).  Also,  be sure to follow us on Twitter

Give us a call if you'd like to update your file with your email address.  Then you KNOW you won't miss out on our next promo!  416-849-5492  or toll free 1-866-886-8927.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be closed for the Holidays from December 20th 2010, until January 10th, 2011.  Our last day of business is Friday December 17th, 2010 from 10am-6pm.  Orders can still be placed online at
We regret any inconvenience this may cause.  Have a wonderful holiday season!  Merry Christmas, and Happy New Hair!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Have You Tried Our Spa Dip Treatment?

Every once in a while, even your natural born locks, gets a bit frazzled.  Constant styling, heat, cold weather, can all take its toll.  As important as it is to condition and treat your own hair, it’s also important to condition and treat your purchased hair.
This little jewel in a 60ml bottle is what you would need to add much needed moisture and to replenish your tired locks.  I would suggest at least once every 4-6 weeks, you treat your hair, (whether a wig or extensions) with the Spa Dipping Treatment.
For removable units, i.e. non-adhesive wigs, gently wash your wig using Miss MyMy Shampoo Series Nourishing Shampoo.  After cleansing, squeeze a couple tablespoons of Spa Dip into warm water in a basin or bucket.  Swish it around to mix a bit.  Soak your wig in the solution for at least an hour.  Comb through with a wide toothed comb.   Rinse thoroughly, then dry and style as usual.  I would suggest a couple pumps of Hair Serum combed throughout prior to drying.

If your wig is applied using adhesives, like tape or glue, you can take the opportunity to treat your hair, when you remove it to re-do the adhesives.  

If your hair is applied, (like sewn in hair extensions or wigs), shampoo your hair normally; then massage a generous amount of Spa Dip throughout your hair.  Comb through using a large toothed comb; let sit for at least 15 minutes.  For best results, wear a plastic cap and keep on at least 20 minutes.  Dry and style as usual.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Friday  November 26 to Sunday Nov 28th 20 % off all online orders.

  • The discount will be automatically applied upon check out. 
  • Every order will be accompanied by a free bottle of shampoo and conditioner
  • Items must be purchased on line and shipped to your location. Items cannot be picked up.

Thank you to all those who have supported Miss MyMy over the years.
Have a wonderful holiday season.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Importance of a Great Cut

So many times, I have heard clients say quite adamantly, that they do not want to cut their hair after having their wig or extensions applied.  You have to bear in mind that when we make your custom wig, we have it made for the length, and not to a particular style.  So when you order an 18' Malaysian straight hair wig, you get a wig with the length of 18 inches. 

Of course it will be naturally gradient in length, but I always advise my clients to trim it up.  Even if you don't want drastic layers, even subtle layering on the bottom edge will make your hair "pop".  You will get movement of the hair, and the hair will look more "finished",  and less like you just plopped the wig right on top of your head.  By no means am I suggesting you purchase an 18', and chop it down to a 14'.  You can preserve the length of the wig , and still give it a beautiful, textured style.  You'll love how your hair moves and feels, and you'll look great!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Different Grades (Quality)of Hair Extensions and WIgs

We often get calls from people wanting to know what the difference is between our hair and other brands. There is a lot of confusion out there surrounding hair and the different quality of hair so we though this blog posting would be great to help people understand what what they are buying and decide what is the best value for them.

Low quality human hair:
The hair is not cut hair, it's fallen hair so the cuticle of the hair can be mixed up
The hair is removed from the head and allowed to fall to the floor, allowing  the roots and ends to be mixed up, creating cuticles that do not run in the same direction. This causes tangling.
Because of the reverse cuticles the hair goes through a lot of chemical processing to the cuticle to reduce this tangling as much as possible. This processing causes extensive damage to the cuticle. This creates dull, dry hair. To hide this, the hair is covered with a grape seed oil or silicone. This coating slowly washes off as the hair is shampooed.  The hair then goes through additional chemical processing to create various textures and colors. Dyes used on low quality hair are often fabric dyes, and because of this, the hair will not react properly if colored later. 

Good quality human hair is referred to as "Remi", "Remin", or "Remy." 
The cuticle of the hair is facing one direction and should be fairly intact the hair may go through a process to orient the cuticles into the correct direction. This hair is sometimes chemically treated just in case the procerssor missed a hair on two while trying to orient them. Cheaper brands of remi hair can have some damage to the cuticle caused by processing. This hair should not be colored and will still dry out faster over time. It has longer wear than low quality hair but still will need to be replaced  on a regular basis. The hair experiences additional chemical processing to  create various textures. This hair is sometimes referred to as "European Quality Hair." This is not actually European hair, but hair that has been stripped dowm slightly so that it resembles the feel of a European cuticle strand.

High quality human hair
This hair has a healthy cuticle, if not fully intact. The textures of this hair are natural, not chemically introduced, some hair is straight and some is wavy. High quality hair will wear up to a year if treated properly. Again, natural colors are dark so hair goes through a stripping process to create lighter colors, therefore causing the cuticle to open a little. Try to avoid coloring. If you want to color use the same color process and products that you would use if you were coloring the hair growing form your head. 

Very high quality human hair is Remy as well as "Virgin" or "Raw." 
It has never been treated with ANY chemical process, and has usually been grown with the intent of selling. The cuticle is completely intact. Even within this category the hair comes in separate grades, with A being that of a young child's suffering little environmental damage, and D being that of an older donor with slightly more coarseness to the hair, If you are ordering longer lengths chances are the client is older. It can safely be colored or permed, and is extremely expensive and rare. Many companies try to pass their hair off as this fraudulently. This hair can be worn for years with proper care.  

Miss MyMy Specializes in this type of hair.

Next time you are trying to figure out the difference between the 300 dollar wig and the $1200 dollar wig or $70 dollar extensions versus $300 extensions think about the above information.

Here's to happy hair days...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Does Your Hair Color Fade?

The number one complaint from women with colored hair, especially red, is that their hair color fades too quickly. We know it's natural for chemical pigment to leave the hair after some time, but what about those situations where the hair starts to fade in a week?

Miss MyMy uses Wella Professional products to color all their extensions and wigs so the following tips are based on Wella products.

Here are 8 tips to help keep hair from fading

Tip No 1: Always have your hair color applied to clean hair.

Yes, I know about the old wives tale that your color takes better on dirty hair. well its actually not true or at or at least no longer true. Back in the days when the chemicals in hair color were much stronger a build-up of natural hair oils, helped protect the hair from damage.
Hair color is now much more refined and less damaging to your hair. The color penetrates and last longer on clean hair.

Tip No 2: Semi Permanent Color by Wella Color Touch

Wella's reds in particular are out of this world. Not only do they have every shade of red, the colors are shiny and sexy. My favorite shade by this brand are 7/4 and Rage.

Tip No 3: Avoid washing your hair 48 hours after getting your hair colored.

Color molecules are large, especially reds, and aggravating the cuticle soon after getting your hair colored with hot water and shampoo can release pigment prematurely.

Tip No 4: Do not do hair treatments the same day you have your color done

This can also allow color molecules to be released.

Tip No 5: wear caps when going to the tanning salon.

Tanning, as well as the sun will cause your hair to fade so you need to protect your hair when you tan.

Tip No 6: Wear hats or UV protection on your hair in the sun to prevent fading.

The sun can be very damaging to hair, so protect hair when hanging out in the sun.

Tip No 7: Get a clear or red cellophane gloss one week after having your hair colored 

Cellophanes are vegetable colors that are safer than henna and fade gently without residue. It is applied to the hair, then you are placed under the dryer fro 20 minutes. This seals the color and gives your hair great shine.

Tip No 8: Don't use harsh shampoos.

You spend a lot of money on your hair color. It is time to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. I'm always amazed at people who pay a lot of money on their hair, doesn't matter if you grew it or not, and then skimp on the products needed to care for it.

Hope this helps!

Here's to happy hair days...

Friday, October 29, 2010

SoBe Hair Show 2010

I have to say I had high expectations for the SoBe hair show, in South Beach.  Bear in mind, this is just their third year.  I try to attend various hair trade shows to keep up with what's new in the industry.  As we all know,  if you're not moving you're standing still, and if you're standing still,  chances are someone else is moving past you, (and we definitely don't want that!).  Educating yourself in whatever profession you're in is always a good idea, and that's where these type of shows come in.  Okay,  enough with the lecture for the day...back to SoBe.  I think a smaller venue would have provided a much more intimate setting for a smaller show.  I also would have loved to see more exhibitors.  I'm positive that next year will be even better.
The Hair Olympics, which was hosted by celebrity stylist Derek J. from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, was my favorite part of the show.  It was awesome!  The energy of the models and performers was palpable.  
Anyway, this show is still fairly new...just 3 years old.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they mature and get bigger and better over time.  We'll be there again next year!

Here's to happy hair days...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hand Tied and Machine Tied Wefts Explained

In the past little while we have received many questions regarding hand tied weft compared to machine tied weft so here is the comparison:

Hand tied wefts are exactly what it sounds like; hand tied. Trust me, it takes forever to do.  I've done it. :-(
The weft is ultra thin and pre cut into measurements of about 10 to 12 inches,  so you need not, and SHOULD not cut the weft.  If the weft is too long,  all you need to do is fold it back on itself. It is so thin that even when you fold it back it's still thinner than a machine tied weft. 
If it isn't wide enough to go from one end of the clients head to the other simply over lap the weave.
This type of weft will NEVER shed which is one of the concerns people have when wearing hair.
Hand tied hair.

Machine tied is made with a sewing machine that is able to sew the hair into a weft. This weft is one continuous weft which looks similar to the surged seam on the inside of your clothing. Depending on the machine that is used the weft could be very secure or not so secure; as is commonplace with lower-end hair. Before using, we recommend checking your weft by pulling the hair downward to see if you are losing any hair.  If you find you are losing hair,  you can reinforce the weft with a regular sewing machine.  I know some of you are very handy!
When putting in a machine tied weft, you will need to cut the weft to the length that is needed. Any time you cut the weft, however, you introduce an area where the hair can come out. If you don't do something to reinforce the cut ends, the thread can unravel. We suggest either gluing the ends in order to prevent that or sewing the ends to avoid hair loss. If you don't do the above you may experience hair loss because each cut end will lose hair giving the appearance that the complete weft is shedding.

We prefer hand tied and mainly sell hand tied but it's a personal preference.

Hope this helps
MyMy  ;-)

Here's to happy hair days...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glueless, Braidless Wig Application! (yes, you heard correctly)

I'm sure you guys are dying for a way to apply a wig without glue or braids...well, we have the solution! Your wig is sewn-on but without a braid in sight...This means you feel nothing but scalp when you run your hand along the hairline...just like it was growing from your head!  With this method we can catch the small hairs along your hairline  that would be otherwise difficult to braid, for a super natural look. And guess what????? It lasts longer than the braid.

Give us a call if you want more info. 416-849-5492

Here's to happy hair days...

Analysis in Hair Birthday Fun in Miami 2010

As usual Miss MyMy and Analysis celebrated Gloria's birthday together...this time Miami was our playground ....Happy B-day G!

Want to see more pics?  Add me on Facebook
Miss MyMy in a 28' Fijian Medium Curl/ Gloria in 18' Medium Curl Extensions

Love the length on this.  The hair, I mean. LOL Well the legs too.

Here's to happy hair days...

Another Tight Curl (26") Worn Straight

 A couple months ago we had some pics of Natalie's tight curl wig that we had blown out and flat ironed straight.  Since I've been wearing a 26" Fijian tight curl (weave) I decided , I too,  would like to change it up.  I blow dried my hair straight, but unlike Natalie, I used a domed iron (sort of like a semicircular flat iron) to curl my tresses.  I have to tell you, I really love the tight curl.  It is definitely my (latest) hair of choice, particularly when I am in Miami!  If I had a dime for all the "aye Mami!'s" I get. LOL  The beauty of wearing our organic hair, is the versatility GOOD hair offers.  Unlike other brands, our curls are all natural curls, not processed, permed, or otherwise artificially curled.  We don't offer cookie-cutter hair.  As such, the hair behaves beautifully, allowing you to style it to your heart's content ;-)  We've worn our curly hair bone straight, and we've done our straight hair mega curly.  The options are there for you!

Here's to happy hair days...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss MyMy at the Miami Carnival

Miss MyMy wearing a 26'' tight curl weave.  Gloria in an 18'' medium curl.
I already put a tweet out there about the Miami carnival, asking if it was just me, or was the experience just...."mehhh?".  Meaning, I was really surprised by how many people were just standing around.  It's CARNIVAL people!  I was with Gloria from Analysis in Hair, and we decided if no one else felt like dancing, OH WELL!  We made our own fun.  I swear Gloria's hubby took pictures with everyone that walked in front of him LOL.  It was just one of those things that you set your mind to, and commit that you will enjoy yourself, no matter what.  And that is exactly what we did! Want to see more pics?  Check out my Facebook page

Maya in 26'' Tight curl extensions.

Gloria and hubby.

Here's to happy hair days...

Rihanna's New Candy Apple Red Hair (why????)

I've been sitting here for the last 20 minutes going through pictures of Rihanna with her new red hair.  Candy apple red to be exact.  Although I've heard it called Ronald McDonald red, Raggedy-Ann red, etc.  I've said it about other celebs before, and I'm going to say again: RiRi, with your kind of money, how the HE** can you even THINK that hyperactive cartoon on your head looks good??? Honestly, girl, you can have a stylist on hand 24-7.  And if you do, and THIS is what that stylist came up with, FIRE that person...can them...unhire them...kick that person to the curb, because that "stylist" is not your friend.  Is that even hair?  It looks flamable.  I'm so upset right now....imagine Miss MyMy is speechless.  I offered it to Britney, and JLo, and I'll be fair and give you the same offer RiRi.  CALL ME!  I will hook your hair up; have you looking like the superstar you are. need real people in your circle who will tell it to you like it is.  Your hair looks AWFUL!  You get the very lowest Miss MyMy score so far.  I have to give you negative 2 MyMy's for that stunt you're calling a hairstyle.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Bahamian Birthday Bash!

Maya and the beautiful birthday girl Dahlene

If you know how long I've been sitting on these pictures...since May to be exact LOL  Man, do they know how to throw a party in the Bahamas!  I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  The setting was idyllic; the food was superb; the music was great, and the people were absolutely delightful!   Dhalene. girl, you know how to celebrate your birthday.  The mini carnival procession was the icing on the birthday cake!  Just make sure not to forget my invitation when your next birthday rolls around...

Dahlene and well wishers
Can you imagine???

The birthday Carnival!
A little piece of heaven
Setting up for the party

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skin Weft

Skin Weft with adhesive is perfect for those who love the Hot Heads application method but want organic hair. Each hair is hand tied on a 3/8' lace base. Silicone is then applied to each piece. 

Our hair is available in lengths from 12” to 28” and longer by special order.

Miss MyMy Skin Weft is a cold bond method so it does not require heat. Application is by double sided tape. They are available in single pieces (22 per pack) pre bonded, or in lengths of 1 meter with or without double sided tape.

Miss MyMy Skin Wefts are made with our Virgin Organic Hair. Our organic hair has not been chemically treated other than being cleaned and sterilized so you can expect natural bounce and shine with every piece...not to mention being able to swim in chlorine and/or salt water without fear. The hair is available in various textures from straight to tightly curled, so finding the right one for you is never a problem. If you need a color that is not available naturally we will be more than happy to color the hair, personalizing it to the color of your choice...this can also be done by your own need to color your own hair. 
Here, we started with a natural dark brown Malaysian hair.
We added hair bleach and 40% developer.
The final golden blond hair we achieved.

Here’s how to apply a complete set of Miss MyMy permanent Skin Weft extensions adding not only length, but volume and or highlights in less than 1 hour. The days of spending huge amounts of money on hair that not only matts and tangles but falls out and cannot be reused are over. The days of not being able to find a texture or curl to blend with your hair are over. Miss MyMy’ Skin Weft takes care of all of that. completely reusable, organic and tangle free Miss MyMy Skin Weft is completely undetectable.

    Start all service with clean and dry hair. Do not apply any products to the hair.
    Section and separate the hair where you want to attach Miss MyMy Skin Weft

     Remove the backing on the skin weft and place under the thin section of hair that was separated. 
    The adhesive should be about 1/8 inch away from the scalp.
    Press the hair into the adhesive strip.

    Place the second Miss MyMy Skin Weft on top of the first, sandwiching the natural hair between. 
    Press down to acheive good adhesion

       Comb hair on top for a seamless invisible look.
      Voila!  Instant highlights!