Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Importance of a Great Cut

So many times, I have heard clients say quite adamantly, that they do not want to cut their hair after having their wig or extensions applied.  You have to bear in mind that when we make your custom wig, we have it made for the length, and not to a particular style.  So when you order an 18' Malaysian straight hair wig, you get a wig with the length of 18 inches. 

Of course it will be naturally gradient in length, but I always advise my clients to trim it up.  Even if you don't want drastic layers, even subtle layering on the bottom edge will make your hair "pop".  You will get movement of the hair, and the hair will look more "finished",  and less like you just plopped the wig right on top of your head.  By no means am I suggesting you purchase an 18', and chop it down to a 14'.  You can preserve the length of the wig , and still give it a beautiful, textured style.  You'll love how your hair moves and feels, and you'll look great!