Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skin Weft

Skin Weft with adhesive is perfect for those who love the Hot Heads application method but want organic hair. Each hair is hand tied on a 3/8' lace base. Silicone is then applied to each piece. 

Our hair is available in lengths from 12” to 28” and longer by special order.

Miss MyMy Skin Weft is a cold bond method so it does not require heat. Application is by double sided tape. They are available in single pieces (22 per pack) pre bonded, or in lengths of 1 meter with or without double sided tape.

Miss MyMy Skin Wefts are made with our Virgin Organic Hair. Our organic hair has not been chemically treated other than being cleaned and sterilized so you can expect natural bounce and shine with every piece...not to mention being able to swim in chlorine and/or salt water without fear. The hair is available in various textures from straight to tightly curled, so finding the right one for you is never a problem. If you need a color that is not available naturally we will be more than happy to color the hair, personalizing it to the color of your choice...this can also be done by your own need to color your own hair. 
Here, we started with a natural dark brown Malaysian hair.
We added hair bleach and 40% developer.
The final golden blond hair we achieved.

Here’s how to apply a complete set of Miss MyMy permanent Skin Weft extensions adding not only length, but volume and or highlights in less than 1 hour. The days of spending huge amounts of money on hair that not only matts and tangles but falls out and cannot be reused are over. The days of not being able to find a texture or curl to blend with your hair are over. Miss MyMy’ Skin Weft takes care of all of that. completely reusable, organic and tangle free Miss MyMy Skin Weft is completely undetectable.

    Start all service with clean and dry hair. Do not apply any products to the hair.
    Section and separate the hair where you want to attach Miss MyMy Skin Weft

     Remove the backing on the skin weft and place under the thin section of hair that was separated. 
    The adhesive should be about 1/8 inch away from the scalp.
    Press the hair into the adhesive strip.

    Place the second Miss MyMy Skin Weft on top of the first, sandwiching the natural hair between. 
    Press down to acheive good adhesion

       Comb hair on top for a seamless invisible look.
      Voila!  Instant highlights!