Thursday, September 22, 2011

Straight Malaysian Wig Worn Curly

I think it's only fair, since I posted pics of my tight curl Fijian wig that I blow dried and flat ironed and wore straight, to also post some pics of my 26' Malaysian straight wig, worn curly. about a mouthful!

First, I lightly sprayed my clean hair with some hairspray, just to give it some hold. And I mean LIGHTLY. I used a 3/4 barrel curling iron, and started with small-ish section at the back. I curled all the hair going back in long ringlets from the left side of my head, and then the same from the right; meeting at the back. To finish, I took smaller sections from the top and followed the same pattern. The bangs area, I sort of swooped into one of the curls and dropped it off into a ringlet as well. I tried to spiral curl the hair as I wound it around the curling iron barrel.

When I finished curling, I let the hair cool a minute before combing it out with my fingers, so as not to disturb the curl pattern too much. Voila! Beautiful, sexy curls on a straight hair wig!!!