Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Congratulations to The Multicultural Beauty Group

A big congratulations to The Multicultural Beauty Group on  their first trade show and gala.

After much hard work it was a HUGE success.

The Gala event  to honor the veterans of the trade was great. Mr Azan in particular was very inspiring. He spoke of people of color taking ownership in the business side of this industry...something we usually don't do. It was fantastic meeting him and I felt rejuvenated in my quest to own a small piece of the pie.

                                                                               Maya wearing tight curl blown out

Gloria Mcleod, the founder was absolutely stunning in her gown, and of course MyMy hair. She was successful in doing what many others before her were unable to do.....I hope she continues to make this a yearly event with the help of Shaila and Debbie...Great work ladies you deserve a round of applause,

Cuty pie Adrian....WOW...if only...anyway your fashion show was awesome...really pulled together. Just fantastic

The MyMy ladies were looking great as usual wearing Fijian loose curl
                                                                                                 Hannah and Sigyn

The trade show portion of the weekend was full of a variety of vendors and many patrons. The weave and barber contests were a hit. Everyone will be back next year, I know I will.

Thank you to everyone at MBG for starting this event.