Friday, September 30, 2011

Have Your Unit Made With A Mold

For the ultimate in customization have your unit made to the exact contour of your head.

Our regular custom units are made using measurements in order to construct units  for both men and women.

Specific areas of the head are measured in order to create the unit. 
This is a great value since our manufacturing technique with measurements is outstanding and is great for most people. 

Units made from a mold will fit like a glove. We will be able to replicate the exact hairline of the client or create one of his/her liking. Units made with molds require several fittings in order to make the mold. The mold can be made from a few different materials depending on the clients wishes. Once the mold  is made, each unit the client orders thereafter will be made from that mold. The mold will be filed at our offices for the clients convenience.

Custom units are like clothing that you can have made by a dress maker by giving your measurements or her taking your measurements.

Units made with molds are like couture clothing , not available everywhere, very customized.

Both types of units use the same outstanding Miss MyMy Organic Hair.

Below is the first fitting for a mold. This mold will be created with silicone upon its completion.

Please call our offices if you are interested in having a unit made with a bold.
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