Friday, August 26, 2011

Customization At Its Finest With Fusion

Most MyMy clients come to Miss MyMy not only for the the superior hair quality and service but to have their hair completely personalized to their needs.

If you're looking for discount hair or services.... we're probably not the company for you. If you are the kind of person who prefers and will accept nothing but the best, then we're exactly what you're looking for. We are not only good at what we do but discretion is a number one priority for us. Like many professionals, we have signed non disclosure forms for our celebrity clientel.... after all.... not everyone wants to tell their hair secrets.

The following dictates a super customize fusion color service for a client who most of our clients are...very specific about what she well she should be.

This beautiful lady was previously purchasing pre colored fusion hair from another know where you choose from factory colored hair.

We explained that we only sell virgin organic hair which would be colored using  the same type of products that you would use if you were getting the hair growing from your head colored. The first step was to choose the colors she wanted from our color book. We use ammonia free organic hair color from "organic hair color for professionals" to color all our hair.

The following chronicles the process from beginning to end.

1.3 bundles of Fijian medium curl, 2 18" and 1 16": this is the natural color of the hair

2. The 3 bundles were each bleached out  to the level required to achieve the final colors.    Two bundles will be darker and 1 bundle will be used as highlights. This required 6 hours non stop work.

3. Final colors were applied to the 3 bundles resulting in these beautiful colors. This required 6 hours of custom work.

4. Once the color process has been completed each bundle will be tipped with our  keratin bond. This required an additional 6 hours of work. Now the hair is ready to be installed.

Total work in..... 18 hours.... how it looks and feels......priceless
Please contact us for more information on our services both VIP and not.