Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Solutions for Those Looking for Tight Curl Products

While our Miss MyMy curly hair products are being formulated, we've been forced to seek out alternatives for our Tight Curl wearers (like myself ;-)

Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier by TIGI is one of my recent favs.

I find this product provides the curl definition and hold that's so important when dealing with tight curls.  One thing we have to mention is that TIGI has recently changed the packaging on their Catwalk line.  We've tried the product in the new packaging and noticed a VISIBLE difference in the way my hair behaved.  When I used the newly packaged Curl Amplifier, my hair was frizzier, had less curl definition, and their was a strange white residue left on both my hands, and my hair.  I've mentioned it to several retailers, and some have quite adamantly told me, that no, the formulation hasn't been changed, only the packaging.  I beg to differ.  We've been running around the city (both Toronto and Miami) trying to buy up as many of the products we can find in the old packaging.  If you're out about about and you see it, I would suggest you get it. 

After washing hair and thoroughly combing out, I comb through about 2 pumps of the Curl Amplifier.  Then I add a generous amount of Miss MyMy Hair Essence Serum, paying attention not to skimp out on the back of the head.  This next step is super important, and often over-looked, SCRUNCH...SCRUNCH...SCRUNCH those curls.  AND STOP!  Avoid the temptation to run your fingers through those locks.  The more you fuss with it, the frizzier you risk it being.  Dry using a diffuser, or allow to air dry.  For longer hair, you may want to loosely clip hair on top your head, so the natural weight of the hair isn't stretching out the curls as it dries.