Friday, January 21, 2011

Miss MyMy Likes... FHI's Domed Iron

I've decided that periodically, I will start listing some of the products or tools that I use regularly at Miss MyMy and that I like a lot.  I firmly believe that getting the right look starts with using the right tools.

This domed iron by FHI Heat is one of my favourite tools of the trade.  I use it when I want to achieve some big bouncy curls.  It really gives a very different kind of curl.  It's also great for flipping the hair or just tucking it under.  Both long and short hair wearers can use it, as it's very versatile.

"There is a huge advantage to having already curved plates, which allows users to visualize the degree of curl they are going to achieve using this iron," states Les Haverty, Artistic Director for FHI Heat, Inc., a manufacturer of ceramic styling irons since 1996 and leader in professional quality hair tools.