Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Loving Rihanna's Red Curls!

The much hated "before" red
You all know I was not impressed when singer, Rihanna started sporting candy apple red hair, that had her looking more like Ronald McDonald, than the superstar she is.  I think I might be a hairstyle or two behind (girl is keeping me on my toes!).  I was impressed, however, when I saw that she toned down the color from the garish red she'd been wearing,  to this fabulous violet/red shade.  I'm also loving the curls!

To achieve her look, I would start with a Miss MyMy Medium curl 14' inch wig, or Medium curl extensions. The hair will have to be colored to a rich red shade.  I like Wella in Chili Red, or Claret.  Our curly hair, like all our hair, is natural; and that means the curls will hold a curled style much better.   Curly hair wants to be curled.  I would start by spraying some holding spray, then taking small sections at a time and spiral curling with a 1/2' barrel curling iron.  Spray with some finishing spray, run some Hair Essence hair serum through with your fingers, and separate the curls with your fingers.  Voila!  Ready to hit the town!