Friday, August 6, 2010

Why not have fun with your hair???

Maybe it's just me, but I was reading a blog recently that listed hair extensions as one of the beauty trends that should go away. Really??? What next? Coloring your hair? Being blond? Highlights? Oh, that's right, chunky highlights also made that list. While there were a few things on their list that I would agree with (Barbie-fication a'la Heidi Montag), extreme tanning, and french pedicures, cliche' tattoos in languages you don't know, and "tramp stamps", I have to draw the line when it comes to hair extensions. First of all, I'm in the business of hair, so it's no big surprise that I would take issue with the author of the blog hoping to banish hair extensions to the realm of passe'; however, I got into the business of hair for many different reasons, one of which is quite simply I think hair is fun. I feel that people take hair way too seriously. Why not change it up as often as you can? Kudos to Victoria Beckham for always keeping them guessing. It's all about having fun, and changing up your look. While I'm not too fond of the way her extensions are looking in the picture of her in the yellow (Miss MyMy would love to add a lot of volume and a bit more length), I do admire that she doesn't appear to be stuck on any one style; be it being blond, brunette, short hair, bob cut, or flowing locks. It's just hair! Why not have fun with it???
Posh Spice, for your versatility, Miss MyMy gives you 4 MyMy's . Feel free to call me, girl. I'll add that volume for you.