Friday, August 27, 2010

Jennifer Hudson's Classic Beauty

One of my favorite singers/actresses on her way up has got to be Jennifer Hudson. I thought she was absolutely beautiful when she was a plus-sized girl, and I think she's still stunning, after having lost some 50 pounds or so, and going from a size 16 dress size to a 6. While I might have my own issues with the fact that she chose to lose the weight immediately after giving birth, thus buying into the Hollywood Postpartum Race to be skinny the "fastest". I think that women have enough pressure on them to be thin. The last thing you need after having a baby is to be bombarded by images of how quickly JLo, Posh, Britney, Nicole and crew have dropped back down to a barely attainable size 0. But I digress...good for you Jennifer...I ain't mad at ya.

I chose Jennifer for today's blog entry, because quite simply, I rarely see a picture where she isn't looking fabulous. She reminds me of the starlets of yesteryear; of a time when beauty was about being beautiful and feminine, not garish and outlandish like some of the celebutants we see so much in the media. I love when a woman is in touch with her feminine side and embraces it as well as Jennifer does. Her makeup is always on point (and I'm not even going to TOUCH those paparazzi pics of her jogging sans makeup - wanna see me in the morning??) Her hairstyle is always evolving; whether she's wearing it short, or super long with a wig or extensions like those pictured here. Girl, is that Miss MyMy's 20' Malaysian straight you're wearing??? Jennifer Hudson, for epitomizing classic beauty, Miss MyMy gives you a well deserved and very rare 5 MyMy's out of 5!