Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News Flash! Finally, Paris Hilton with a GOOD Weave!

I figured that heading would get your attention LOL. I was doing my usual browsing of the web, looking mostly for pictures of bad celebrity hair, and lo and behold, I stumbled upon this picture of a barely recognizable Miss Paris Hilton. Gaaasssp! While her extensions still look a bit "extension-y" in this picture, I must say that this is the best I have seen her hair looking. Ever. Did I say...EVER??! Paris looks absolutely lovely in this picture; very girl-next-door, and wholesome, like you would let her babysit your kids. Obviously I'm joking. I mean, let's not forget, this is Paris Hilton. I don't even think Nicole Richie would let her babysit little Rumrunner Raisin and MazdaSweetsummer-Springandfall. But her hair looks great in this pic, and that to me, is newsworthy! Miss MyMy gives Paris 4 MyMyMyMy's out of 5.