Friday, July 23, 2010

...and the Hair Improvement Award goes to...

Just kidding, no award here. You guys must know, that since I'm in the business of hair, I am always looking for images of hair; celebrity hair, good weaves, bad weaves, great hair, hair DISASTERS, and so on. I've done the last few entries on BAD celebrity hair, so I think it only fair to post up some pics of some celebs who have their hair in order. In order to show their good, however, I'm going to show how they have improved! First up: JLo, Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez, Mrs. Marc Anthony. Apparently the first picture was snapped as she left her hairdresser's. REALLY???? When I first saw this picture, I thought it was a JLo impersonator. So many words came to mind. Words like, elf, drag, sideburns, and pixie. In the second pic, you can see, Ms. Lopez can be commended for proper use of hair extensions. She's used them to add volume and length to her hair as well as texture with those nice chunky highlights. I'll give her 3 MyMyMy's of out 5.

Next up: Nicole Richie. It seems that when Nicole's friendship with Paris Hilton fizzled, the quality of her hair extensions improved significantly. Nicole was always guilty of the dreaded "obvious" natural hair-hair extension attachment line. Whewww..what a mouthful! You could always tell where her extensions began and ended. Her hair always looked like a matted, hot mess. Very bad! BUT she has matured into a mother and wife, and since ditching Paris, her hair has improved, so Nicole Richie gets 2.5 MyMyM's out of 5.

Finally...Brandy. Ray Jay's sister LOL It's hard to really pick on Brandy for the braids in that picture, because she was very young, it was the 90's...blah blah blah. So I'll be kind and gloss over the "before" infractions. In the "after" picture, I think Brandy has matured into a very stylish, sexy woman, and her hair looks great! I'll give her 4 MyMyMyMy's!