Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Proper technique + Proper maintenance = Hair that lasts a long time and looks great too!

Here are some pictures of Maleeka with her 18' medium curl Fijian (full head) weave. Alicia, our new stylist, did a fantastic job on this weave, as you can see. With the Miss MyMy method of weaving hair, notice how natural the hair looks. If you look at the picture taken from the back, you can see that even if the wind blows, no one will see your tracks. You know what I mean ;-) I've included some pics of Maleeka with her hair pinned up so you can see the weave from a few different angles. Just gorgeous!!!

And for you folks who think that buying cheaper low quality hair that you can only use once is a better "deal", think about this: Maleeka has had this hair for over 18 months. See how great the hair still looks. With proper maintenance, Miss MyMy hair is a wise investment that you're sure to be happy with. Just ask Maleeka! Lookin' good girl...