Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mature Men Want To Look Good Too

Nothing like a full head of hair  to make a man feel like  a million dollars.

Mr W came to Miss MyMy wanting to help restore his self esteem.

Mr W wanted to know how he could restore his hair to the way it use to look. He wanted natural grey hair that matched his natural hair color and he wanted nothing but the best. It had to look and behave perfectly naturally.

We used Miss MyMy natural grey hair that matched his hair color and texture to make the unit and applied the unit using the MyMy sewn in method so he  wouldnever have to worry about hair malfunctions. You all know what we are talking about.

Mr W's unit  looks and feels like it's growing from his head and most of all he can comb it back.. just the way he combs his natural hair.

He's happy and we are happier for him.
Mr W recently went through Chemo and lost a lot of his hair

He wanted a full head of hair that he could comb back..just like he use to do.

We gave him natural grey hair that matched is own color.

We cut and blended the unit with his own hair and made sure it looked like it was growing from his head.

We made sure he could wear it in any style he wanted including combed back
Mr W will have his unit reapplied every 2 months, until then, he can do everything he would normally do with his hair if it were growing from his head. Good for you Mr W, Just because we are getting up in age doesn't mean we don't want to look good.

Mr MyMy has more information just for the man looking for the perfect unit.