Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things You Should Know Prior to Purchasing Curly Hair

No two people will have hair growth in the same direction, and that determines where and how hair will fall. Since our hair is harvested from various people,  the curl may differ from unit to unit.

Before you choose the length and type of hair you want, make sure you take all things into account, not just the length of hair but also the climate in which you live. If you want your hair to fall below your shoulders you should choose a longer length. How much longer will depend on how tightly curled the hair is. 

  • Add 4 inches for tightly curled hair. If you want your curled hair to visually end in the same place your straight 18 inch hair ends
  • Add 2 inches for medium curl
  • 1 inch for loose wavy hair
You should also take into consideration that curly hair will also expand or contract based on whether it’s a rainy day or a dry day. Rainy or humid climates will cause the hair to contract, and, depending on the hair, look frizzy. 
Dry weather will cause the curl to expand and look longer.
In the summer, or warm weather climates with lots of moisture in the air,  medium curls spring to life with volume. In this same situation tight curls can get frizzy if proper products are not used.
The opposite will take place in the winter or colder climates when medium curls can loose their bounce and suffer from static and tight curls lengthen and come to life.

For more about hair types go to http://www.missmymy.com/about_hair.html

Here's to happy hair days...