Sunday, February 27, 2011

Invisible Knots

Regular Lace cap WITHOUT Invisible Knots
I've had the opportunity to show some of you our new Invisible Knots cap style.  So far, everyone  LOVES them!

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  With the regular lace cap without the Invisible Knots, the knots are more visible.  Your wig will still look fabulous.

With the Invisible Knots, it gives a more "scalp-like" appearance, and the hairs seem to be growing right out your head.  Still fabulous, but more like fabulous plus

Lace Cap WITH Invisible Knots
Just something for you to keep in mind the next time you order a custom wig.  You can upgrade your cap style to Invisible Knots starting from $150.

You know I spend my time trying to come up with new stuff for my peeps ;-)   Gotta keep ahead of the game!

Here's to happy hair days......