Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Cruelty Feather Extensions

Feather extensions are a very big fashion trend in hair. Unfortunately sometimes the way the feathers are harvested have been found to be cruel.
  • Birds are being gassed solely for their feathers and then the meat discorded.
  • Feather pelts are being made. For those who don’t know what a feather pelt is, the skin with feathers attached is taken and the bird discarded.
  • Birds are being kept in unethical conditions stacked one on top of the other in small isolated cages. 
  • The above is also happening with some exotic birds

We at Miss MyMy think the feathers are better on the bird.
Miss MyMy is the only company that has cruelty free organic “Hair Feathers”. 

Our Hair Feathers are:

  • Hand painted with organic hair color to create the feather look.
  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Able to be styled with heat  
  • Applied with clips allowing you to remove them when and if you want to.
  • 20 inches long ( you can trim them if you choose)
  • Available in curly textures so our curly divas are not left out from the trend

                                                                        Teal Feathers
                                                                       Teal Feather

                                                                       Pink Feather

                                                                       Blonde Feather

Order Your Cruelty Free Feathers Here

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Portions of all sales of pink feathers will go to cancer research

Please feel free to contact Miss MyMy for more information
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