Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perfect Eyebrows (the most overlooked, yet very important little detail)

I can't tell you how many times I've seen women out there looking like they took a cue from the rapper Drake's song  (you know the little ditty...nails done, hair done, everything big), but they leave out one of the most important features of their face.  The eyes!  A well shaped brow can make even the simplest makeup look elegant.  On glammed out makeup it just makes your eyes POP!  Your eyebrows should frame your face, and draw the right kind of attention to your eyes.

Eyebrows should follow the natural shape of YOUR face.  Just because it looks good on Megan Fox doesn't mean it's going to look good on YOU.  Your face shape has a lot to do with the shape of brow you should have.  Getting your eyebrow done is one of the quickest, most affordable makeovers you can get.  The best eyebrow threading I ever had cost me $2!  Threading typically costs about $5-$10.  Waxing about $8-$10.  Once you get them professionally done, maintaining the shape yourself is fairly easy.
Megan Fox and her perfect brows

Common brow mistakes:
Wild and Untamed - You can have a heavier thicker brow, but even then you need some clean-up.  This goes for men too.
Shaved off - drawn on - Anytime I've seen this look, it's usually drawn on in the wrong spot, either arched waaaay to high, or no arch at all.  Once I saw a lady with staple shaped eyebrows.  Just makes you look clueless, no matter how well you're dressed, or how well you've applied your make-up.
No Eyebrows- In this case, I would recommend getting some eyebrow stencils, a good brow brush, and some eyebrow shadow.  Fill in those brows!

The Unibrow - NEVER looks good.  That goes for both males and females. One little strip of wax can make such a difference.
Over-plucking - this just makes your brown way too thin, and doesn't leave you much to work with.  Best in this case to allow your brows to grow back as much as they can, and have them professionally shaped.  Yes, there are brow specialist out there!