Monday, July 20, 2009

Miss MyMy Skin Care Line

Skin Radiance is a key element of beauty, perhaps more so than the absence of fine lines and wrinkles. The My Line is shown to immediately restore a bright, energetic glow to the skin's appearance maintaining year-long radiance. This unique collection represents a weapon for battling dull skin tones common to today's stressful, busy lifestyles. You will be amazed at the nourishment and cellular renewal you receive with this energizing collection of treatments that reward the skin every day.

My Exfoliating Fluid:

Discover the skin you were born to have…not in 6 weeks, 4 weeks or even 2 weeks "IMMEDIATELY".
Ultra moisturizing and made with 93% water and citric acids, My Exfoliating Fluid gently lifts off your dead skin leaving your skin feeling soft as a baby's bottom and equally as smooth.
No need to use a buffer or any other abrasive which may scratch your skin, the tips of your fingers are all you need.

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