Monday, March 2, 2009

MyMy's Kids

Whether as a result of medical treatment, health conditions or accidents the pain that children of all ages experience is more than just physical. The emotional damage can be more painful, undermining and sabotaging a child's fragile self esteem.

Children should be able to run swim and enjoy life without worrying that their hair piece might fall off or worst be pulled off.
The hair should match the child's natural texture, not everyone needs European hair. Although it is a great choice for European children it may not be ideal for kids from other ethnicities. Chinese hair is great for Chinese children, Indian for Indian children and coarser curlier hair for children from Afro Canadian, American decent. The hair must be matched to the child's needs in order to look as natural as possible.

Miss MyMy sources virgin hair from around the world in order to provide the best for its clients.
Not all children require a wig depending on the circumstances they may simply need a piece which is professionally blended with their own hair, our pieces are always choosen on an individual basis and applied by a Miss MyMy hair professional.

Once a hair piece is made all eligible children will have their hair cut and styled and will receive hair products  in order to care for their hair.

MyMy's kids provides disadvantage children with exactly what they need.

Are you or someone you know in need?
For more information please contact Miss MyMy.